Melbourne Cup Betting

There are conceivably almost as many ways to have a punt on The Melbourne Cup as there are punters.

Everyone from the dedicated professional or full-time racing punter to the granny who just discovered a handful of pocket change whilst fluffing the sofa cushions likes to have something besides merely a spectator’s interest in The Race That Stops a Nation. See The Latest Betting And Odds On The 2019 Melbourne Cup


The Race That Stops a Nation


Even Granny might even encourage Gramps to take an extra nap or two in hopes of increasing her stake.

Not only does almost everyone enjoy a punt on the Cup, everyone would certainly enjoy equally winning that punt, so here is a little punting history and some tactics anyone can feel free to adopt or discard the next time the first Tuesday in November is imminent.

For the person who does not make a serious hobby or a profession out of race punting, here is some basic information on ways to bet on the Cup.

The simplest way for the causal wager-er would be to avail themselves of the services of the TAB. Whilst it is true that the price offered by the TAB might not be the most lucrative, the incentives and better odds offered by some of Australia’s fine online bookmakers might not offer sufficient enticement to justify the bother, even though that bother, if it can even be called such, is minimal - Melbourne Cup Betting

Types Of Bets That Can Be Utilised

  • Win Bet -This is the simplest and also the most popular Melbourne Cup bet type. It requires only to pick the runner that you feel will win. Based on the history of the race, this will give you an almost 1 in 4 chance of a winning punt. If you would like some added drama and entertainment, have a punt on the Caulfield Cup held just over a fortnight prior. Selecting the winner of this race and backing that same horse to win the Melbourne Cup offers the potential of a substantial windfall well above what backing the same horse singly for each race would offer.
  • At this early juncture, where the racing season is just getting underway and before the Full Racing Carnival is in full swing, is perhaps premature for selecting, but last year’s winner, Fiorente, is in the field currently at $21.00, which is sure to come down – Sportsbet Promotions
  • Place Bet -In order to win, the horse you select need only finish in the top three.
  • Each Way -The horse you select produces a winning bet if it either wins or places. The winnings decrease for second and again for third.
  • Head-To-Head -Select two horses and bet which one will finish ahead of the other.
  • Live Betting -Did you know that you can place additional bets once the race has begun? This can be done at TAB outlets or over the phone. It does require some quick thinking and may not be suitable for the casual racing spectator.
  • Futures -Place your bet up to several months in advance. Odds will be longer, so the potential winnings will be greater. There is, however, the risk that the horse you select might not qualify to participate.
  • Exotics -These can get quite complex and unwieldy and are probably best left, except if you accept that for the purpose of entertainment, the excitement of a potentially gargantuan dividend outweighs the low probability of success. A simple exotic wager would be the Trifecta, where you attempt to pick the first three finishers in the correct finishing order. A simple wager, that is, in terms of getting the wager on, not in making the correct selections.

For the more avid punter that makes race punting a hobby for which considerable time and effort is devoted to a fun and hopefully for the most part, a lucrative pursuit, we offer a little information that might be more of a review than anything else, but it is given in the spirit of the idea that even the most astute punter could potentially benefit from a reminder.

We know that punters of higher calibre in all probability have wagering accounts with one or several of the many fine online bookmakers. We assume that these same know how to read a form guide and use a black book to make higher probability selections, at the same time looking for value that goes beyond placing a straight up bet on the Melbourne Cup favourite.

For That Punter, We Offer These Tidbits

Melbourne Cup Betting
  • The favourite has won the Cup on only 23 percent of the occasions, a difference of roughly 10 percent compared to betting the favourite over the course of an entire or many seasons.
  • Only five countries other than Australia have supplied Melbourne Cup winners. New Zealand is the top amongst these, producing forty. New Zealand also claims the distinction of producing 10 of the 11 Caulfield/Melbourne Cups double. It would seem that stayers are something of a Kiwi specialty, so a Cup favourite with a Caulfield just previous would seem to be a good investment, at least to a partial extent.
  • Five British bred horses have saluted the judge at Flemington. There have been many fine British champions that never ran the Cup and the logistics, especially in years gone by, would seem to have played some role. That, and the British drink warm bloody beer.
  • Four U.S. runners have won.
  • Two Irish Horses have won. One of these, 1993’s Vintage Crop, flew to Australia mere weeks before the race, breaking the precedent that had featured horses being domiciled in Australia for considerable time periods before the race.
  • Japan bred Delta Blue took the post in 2006. This runner was victorious in what was essentially a dead heat with another Japanese horse, Pop Rock, so any who favoured and backed Japanese horses might have enjoyed the quinella.

Having a punt on the Melbourne Cup could almost be considered the patriotic duty of every Australian.

We’re joking, of course, but as the country’s best known sporting event, the time leading up to the race is of interest to sports fans all over the world.

All racing fans will find no lack of information as they enjoy the lead-up and the opportunity to match wits with their fellow punters for bragging rights that carry on long after the crowd has departed Flemington.