Animal Rights Claim Victory With Taylor Swift Not Attending Cup

25 September, 2019

Animal rights groups are claiming victory after Taylor Swift cancelled her Melbourne Cup gig and they’re not the only ones alleging horse deaths played a major part.

Pop superstar Taylor Swift scratched herself from a Melbourne Cup performance on Saturday but now animal rights activists are claiming it is their victory.

That comes despite a statement from Mushroom events and Victoria Racing Club that said the 29-year-old Lover songstress could not perform due to a scheduling clash with her promotional tour of Asia.

Not so say animal rights groups, who collectively blew their lid when it was announced Swift would perform two songs from her latest album at The Race that Stops a Nation, on November 5.

The initial announcement sparked a backlash on social media and a push by the Campaign for the Protection of Racehorses, which claimed she had “put money before compassion” and was “endorsing animal abuse”. Read More …